The photo purportedly shows Theodore Roosevelt posing with the last triceratops. This is how it was made


A black and white photo shared online in 2024 showed former US President Theodore Roosevelt standing over the lifeless body of the last known triceratops.


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At the beginning of May 2024, a user posted a picture purportedly showing a man standing over the lifeless body of the last triceratops in 1906, claiming that dinosaurs were previously considered pests.

The caption, originally in German, read: “The last triceratops was killed in 1906 by Earl David Cook in Texas. Triceratops were considered crop pests and were therefore massively controlled. In the 1800s, there were still herds of thousands of animals. later, triceratops became extinct. »

A similar article on had accumulated more than 410,000 views at the time of writing, and some posts appeared on Facebook, where there were more than 93,000 interactions.

The image was also shared on Facebook in March 2024, where two users posted the photo along with a caption claiming that the man in the photo was former US President Theodore Roosevelt.

The caption read: “Theodore Roosevelt with the last known Triceratops, 1909.”

However, the original image was created by Instagram user @dr_deviny, or Jon Deviny, who used Photoshop to combine multiple photos, which is why we rated the claim and image as “fake” .

He posted it on February 23, 2015, with the caption: “Fun fact: Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th President of the United States) was an avid big game hunter. #nofilter #unedited #biggame #hunting #teddy #Roosevelt #president #theodoreroosevelt #dinosaur #triceratops #photoshop #funny #jurassicpark #jurassicworld #dino.”

When asked in the comments by another Instagram user if he owned the rights to the image, Jon Deviny responded:

I did the Photoshop magic but I don’t own the rights to the images I used. Roosevelt’s is in the public domain but the triceratops is a cliché from the Jurassic Park setting. If your husband wants to print it, that’s fine with me as long as his intentions aren’t to sell them. Unfortunately I don’t have a high resolution version.

Deviny also confirmed to Snopes on May 5, 2024 that he created the image via Photoshop using a behind-the-scenes image from Jurassic Park and a Roosevelt hunting photo.

The photo, along with various claims about what it depicted, has appeared online several times since it was first posted, including on Imgur in February 2015, on Reddit in January 2017, where it was claimed to show a rhino giant of Eurasia, now extinct, and on Instagram in November 2023, where it was claimed that the photo was taken in 1904.

Facebook users made similar claims about a different photo allegedly showing the last known triceratops in posts in April 2024.

It is widely believed that Triceratops became extinct approximately 65 to 66 million years ago.


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