‘Badness’ Career Criminal Confesses to Unsolved Thefts After Converting to Islam

Melbourne career criminal Christopher “Badness” Binse has confessed to seven armed robberies after converting to Islam while in prison and “finding empathy” for his victims.

The 48-year-old, who now calls himself Pecotic, said he wanted to “set the record straight” and apologize to victims of a series of armed robberies in the 1980s and 1990s .

The convicted armed robber decided to confess after his religious conversion in prison, his lawyer Michael FitzGerald said.

Video surveillance of one of the armed robberies. Source: 7 News

Christopher ‘Badness’ Bnse now goes by the family name Pecotic. Source: 7 News

“His conversion to the Islamic faith was the catalyst,” the lawyer said during a plea hearing Monday.

Pecotic is serving at least 14 years and two months in prison for armed robbery and shooting at police during a 44-hour siege in Melbourne in 2012, after a colorful criminal career.

He has only been in custody for four years since he was 13 and has been convicted of armed robbery seven times.

Pecotic has nearly 100 convictions. Source: 7 News

But Pecotic told authorities he didn’t want other people to make the same mistakes he did and wanted to prevent others from being institutionalized like him.

Pecotic’s lawyer said his client was “instructed” by older criminals who “corrupted” him.

“I learned a lot of bad things…I admired the armed robbers, and when I came out, I did exactly what I had heard from them,” Pecotic told police in 2016.

The career criminal confessed to seven armed robberies. Source: 7 News

Pecotic wrote to the police to confess his involvement in seven robberies, committed between 1988 and 1991, which netted him $400,000.

During that time, he robbed banks, a sporting goods store and a Target store where a bullet passed through an employee’s shirt but caused no injuries.

“This is a prosecution that would not have happened without his voluntary admission,” Dr FitzGerald said.

Video surveillance of an armed robbery. Source: 7 News

The lawyer said his client’s own experience with post-traumatic stress disorder gave him insight into the trauma he caused to the people he detained.

“He has nothing to gain from these confessions,” Dr FitzGerald said.

“He apologizes to his victims and to the police for the trouble caused by his offences.”

Career criminal Christopher ‘Badness’ Binse. Source: 7 News

He also attempted to escape six times, succeeded twice, and was convicted 96 times by the age of 24.

Pecotic will be back in court in March.