Conor McGregor reveals what he really thinks of Andrew and Tristan Tate amid ongoing human trafficking accusations

Trigger Warning: Article below contains mentions of sexual assault

In a surprising twist, Conor McGregor recently shared his thoughts on the controversial Tate brothers. Known for their inflammatory comments about women, Andrew and Tristan Tate are no strangers to controversy. They are currently facing serious charges, including human trafficking.

What does McGregor think of them? His answer might shock you. Despite the allegations, McGregor expressed a surprisingly positive view of the brothers. Why does he support them? The Tates have many supporters, but their legal troubles cast a shadow.

What does the UFC star see in the Tates?

When asked about the Tate brothers, Conor McGregor did not hesitate. “Thoughts on Andrew Tate? I like Andrew Tate, you know, from what I see and hear, and so do the brothers,” McGregor said. His remarks surprised many people, given the serious accusations against the Tates.

Andrew and Tristan Tate face charges of human trafficking, race and forming a criminal gang. Despite this, McGregor’s comments were positive. He added: “I don’t know much about the criminal aspects surrounding them, it seems a bit vague to me. You don’t get a lot of information and I haven’t really dug deeper. According to what I have seen and heard, they are ok in my books.


Departing from the usual negative responses, McGregor’s stance is markedly different. While many in the MMA community are openly critical of the Tates, McGregor seems to have no problem with them.

Andrew Tate on the Slovak Prime Minister who was shot

Andrew Tate recently commented on the shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. Fico, who was shot in the abdomen after a government meeting, is in critical condition. On X, Tate suggested that Fico’s politics could have led to the attack.

He said: “During Covid, Slovakia was crazy; I was there. An all-Nazi police state blocked vaccines. The government changed and came to its senses under Fico. Fico rejected the world accord of WHO on the pandemic. Fico was also against the war in Ukraine, calling for peace. The enemies of the truth no longer hide their intentions.

Meanwhile, Tate and his brother are still dealing with serious legal issues in Romania, including racial and human trafficking charges.

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